Gwilym Simcock

Gwilym Simcock piano
Martin France drums
Yuri Goloubev Bass
City Of London Sinfonia

ACT, 2015

Gwilym Simcock & Yuri Goloubev
Gwilym Simcock Instrumation


Peter Wockner, Jazz and Beyond *****

“Cd of the week. Thoroughly recommended”

John Fordham, The Guardian ****

“The suite Move! (for jazz quartet and chamber orchestra) sounds more like jazz-inflected classical music. But if its tight structure, melodic latticework and elegantly harmonised orchestration might appear to evict jazz, the chords and brass parts sometimes suggest Kenny Wheeler, while Simcock’s solo-piano interludes are contrastingly loose and abstract, and the stridently marching Industrial, with its clamouring horns and funky-Jarrett piano break, bustles with spontaneous life.”

Peter Bacon, The Jazz Breakfast

“A gorgeous album.”

Mike Hobart , FT ****

“The composer expertly expands his rhythmic piano style to the larger canvas without straying too far from diatonic principles”

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