Gwilym on tour in Europe and US with “An Evening with Pat Metheny”

Gwilym will be back on tour with jazz legend guitarist Pat Metheny.  The quartet includes Pat, Gwilym,  Linda Oh (bass) and Antonio Sanchez (drums).  The concert is called “An Evening with Pat Metheny” and features  many of the great classics from the Pat Metheny Real Book.  Most of the dates have been announced, but there are still a few in the pipeline so do keep checking the website for more information as it comes in.

Pat says of his first musical encounter with Gwilym: ‘It was absolutely incredible what we were able to get to so quickly. I have only ever had that kind of communication and ease of playing with another musician a handful of times over the years to that degree’.  You can read the whole article about the project here.

Upcoming concerts

No shows booked at the moment.

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